How To Wear Brown Leggings With Style

Are you looking for pants that you could instantly wear anywhere and anytime but still want to maintain fashion and style? Then the best options you could have are the different styles and sizes of brown leggings. Similar with all other kinds of leggings, they are versatile, flexible and provide freedom of movement just like the footless. Including those footless tights, they would certainly make you look slim and sexy, too. The brown color in particular is perfect in complementing the skin tone of any woman.

brown leggings

The different types of leggings

There is no single kind or style when it comes to leggings. They are often distinguished by the material or fabric used, cut, color, design and other accents or features.

  • Standard or basic leggings – These are the most common leggings you can see on the market. Majority of them including the brown leggings for women that are made out of cotton and spandex. They are further sub-classified into their respective lengths or cuts, namely, the Capri cut which extends just below the knee, the ankle leggings, yoga leggings and the stirrup leggings which wraps around your ankle.

girls brown leggings

  • Jeggings – Among the most recent yet popular types of these pants are called jeggings. They are leggings that are made out of denim fabric. They are slim fit and sexy but compared to the more flexible spandex, jeggings are not elastic.


  • Patterned leggings – These are the leggings that feature special prints and designs. Some feature simple geometric patterns while others are more vulgar with their colorful prints. Most of the time, leggings with patterns are worn to hide body imperfections or perhaps, improve its appearance. For example, the printed brown maternity leggings can be worn by pregnant women to look slimmer amidst their condition.


  • Thermal leggings – These are usually made out of the same material used for sweaters. And they are excellent in providing warmth during the cold or winter season.

brown maternity leggings

Tips in wearing brown leggings

The brown-colored leggings are perfect for women who have figure problems particularly on the hips or legs. If you have physical deformities on your lower body or perhaps, have contour or shape imperfections, fashion experts suggest you to wear brown, black, or any dark-colored leggings. Why? Because darker leggings diffuse away light which may produce shadows that will eventually highlight these imperfections. In short, they could hide almost everything. Stated below are some fashion tips when wearing these leggings.

brown leggings for women

  • Brown leggings work best with neutral-colored shirts. The perfect complement for these slimming pants would be a plain shirt. For a casual and more comfortable getup during spring and summer, you can wear sleeveless tops. And since brown is already a strong color, shirts with neutral colors would be perfect.
  • Create a layered top during the winter. Plain shirts are perfect for a warm weather but during the winter or rainy seasons, you would look best if you have a set of layered top. Aside from your shirt, you could layer it with a jacket.
  • Pair these leggings with heeled shoes or sandals. Brown is considered more formal than other colors of leggings; hence, they would look best when paired with heeled shoes. For casual hangouts, flats or slippers are recommended.
  • Skirt leggings would look cute on little girls. For your little daughters, girls brown leggings featuring skirts are the most popular styles which would certainly make your child look prettier.


If you are not comfortable on wearing those thin, shiny or very tight leggings, the brown ones are considered the perfect alternatives to achieve sexiness yet maintaining wholesomeness, class, and style.